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Felini =^..^= ~ Marble Cat Cake

Fluffy fuzzy cat cake is the best! Is your cat more the round cake or bread loaf type?
Let me know in the comments below ๐Ÿ™‚

Felini is marble cake

=^..^= ~ I iz marble cake ?


Just by watching and sharing Felini’s funny cat videos and pictures, you support Pantheraย and Giving What We Can. Get to know more about those charities and Felini’s mission at

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CAT-SOCIAL Felini also sells cool stuff at Zazzle and sometimes posts pics/clips on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter,ย Pinterest, Instagram and G+.

CAT-CREDITS Big thanks and hugs go to Peter Colebatchย for modeling & grooming. And Oyvind Nostdal for character rigging. Lot’s of pictures of Felini have public domain photos in the background. E.g. found on Pixabay, uploaded by unbelievably generous and talented photographers. Thank you so much!!!

Felini =^..^= ~

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