Artwork Illustration-Friday Worm


Mr. Inch Worm needs a bigger house to hide from the bird… now!I found those wallpaper patterns on squidfingers.com and decided to use them for IllustrationFriday.

Artwork Illustration-Friday Pen

o pen

As you can see, it’s the begging sheets of paper that make me draw – not the confidence in my drawing skills… another doodle for Illustrationfriday.

Artwork Dog Illustration-Friday Sing


Miss Ing was missing the realization that she would always mis-sing. Her dog Deaffy didn’t seem to mind, neither her lack of talent nor visibility. My second illustration for Illustration Friday (ballpen and Photoshop)

Artwork Bored Illustration-Friday Moon


Mr. H. Moon is supposed to deliver a speech about job satisfaction next friday… I need to improve on my drawing skills – so I decided to doodle every now and then for Illustration Friday (just in case you don’t know IF: it’s an awesome resource for inspiration, having so many different interpretations of one […]