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Bedtime Story Starter

Looking for a meaningful and enchanting way to connect with your child? Dive into a world of creativity and imagination with the Bedtime Story Starter app. 📚✨ Chapters Benefits of Using Bedtime Story Starter   Why would you want to use Bedtime Story Starter with your child? Tons of benefits! 😀 Besides all those cognitive & […]

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Lost in Space

The final season of Lost in Space is comin soon! I was lucky enough to do some animation at Mackevision for this popular Netflix show. This is the first trailer for the upcoming season. Enjoy! Looks like Lost in Space Season 3 will premiere on December 1st!

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Wheel of Fiction

The Wheel of Fiction App Get a free little helper for your creative writing The Wheel of Fiction story idea spinner will set your brain on fire and get your creative juices bubbling like a boiling spring ? Wheel of Fiction is for Story Idea Inspiration – let`s get started getting inspired: Spin & spark […]

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Felini on Patreon =^..^= ~

Felini is now on Patreon!

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Felini =^..^= ~ Happy Easter

Happy Easter to all cats, bunnies and peoples out there! ? A hip and a hopA meow and a plopAn egg I did layTo brighten up your day?? Feel free to share Felini’s funny cat Easter greetings video from youtube – here’s a gif if you prefer: via GIPHY Here’s another animation viewport screenshot for […]