Animation Artwork Mail Santa Claus

Mail for Santa

Ever wondered why you didn’t get the presents you ordered from Santa Claus?Β (watch it inΒ HD on youtube)This is another one for illustration friday… on a pretty tight schedule, so it turned out to be more of an animatic than an actual animation. I hope you still like it – maybe I can smooth it out […]

Artwork Cute Illustration-Friday Penguin Piano

beneath (illustration friday)

I was going for a mole-disco when I realized Christy B. had done something similar. That is why poor little penguin got pushed beneath a falling piano… (Don’t worry, he’ll be ok – flattened out, he’ll waddle to the side and pop to normal size just like every good cartoon character would)Β …another one for Illustration […]

Artwork Illustration-Friday Object Sentence

proverb (illustration friday)

History repeats itself… but it takes all sorts to make a world (or a sentence).Btw, textorizer is pretty cool!

Artwork Green Illustration-Friday Wolf

craving (illustration friday)

Have you seen “Little Red Hot Riding Hood”? It’s a great Tex Avery short from 1943. The makers of “The Mask” obviously have – Jim Carrey has a craving for Cameron Diaz. My mixed memories of those two films lead me to painting this green version of Mr. Wolf – hope you like it.…another one […]


Magnicifant says Merry Christmas!

I was wondering what a little magnific elephant could be looking like on Christmas (just a pun we had a lot of fun with the other day).