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Das zweite Wunder von Loch Ness

On German tv next Tuesday (Sep 28). It’s about that little, a bit ugly but lovely killer-dwarf protecting the secret of Loch Ness. Animating on that one was a lot of fun – a friend started a studio on the farm of his parents: lots of green, horse-riding, boat trips,…(© for the pic: Chris Hirschhaeuser […]

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Lilli the Witch

There’s a teaser of Lilli the Witch online, as well as a small trailer and a couple of pictures. The movie is about a girl called Lilli who wants to become a witch and Hector (the tiny dragon), who helps her in her quest.I animated a couple of shots of Hector (one of them can […]

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dh available on dvd

The Dragon Hunters (Die Drachen Jäger (German)) DVD can be preordered at amazon.fr and amazon.de. Again, that was one of my favorite projects to work on… kind of sad if this means there won’t be a theatrical release anywhere outside Europe.Well I guess it happens sometimes that you work on something you identify with that […]

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some recent animation work

…long time no type. Here we go again – a little update on what I’ve been up to the last couple of weeks.Right now I’m working on a Mr. Clean tv-commercial for Spain and Italy. Before that I did some viral stuff including some more animation on the cups www.tassen.tv (German dialogue) as well as […]

Animation Illustration-Friday Web


this is an animation from my new website: www.til5.com. It kind of fits the leap topic at illustrationfriday – have fun with your mouse (rollover&click) Update: This project can now safely be called “old” website. Here you can still see what it looked like: Flash website of til5 back in the days