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Wheel of Fiction

The Wheel of Fiction App

Get a free little helper for your creative writing

The Wheel of Fiction story idea spinner will set your brain on fire and get your creative juices bubbling like a boiling spring ? Wheel of Fiction is for Story Idea Inspiration – let`s get started getting inspired:

Wheel of Fiction Story Idea Inspiration
Wheel of Fiction – Fun with Creative Writing

Spin & spark your story ideas – fire up your brain for creative writing!

Generate story ideas quickly and effortlessly. The Wheel of Fiction is a simple but powerful helper for your creative writing: 127430066400 story ideas are waiting for you on the inside. Some plots will be odd, some bold and some might just crack you up… And you get 131 bonus morals on top.

Writer’s block?

Every aspiring writer at some point faces the white page unable to start writing. What is the cure for writers block? The Wheel of Fiction app of course ?

But also commit to writing just one page per day. If you can’t get yourself to do that, write one paragraph. Even the commitment to just one sentence can be the cure! “If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward!” (M.L. King Jr) Make the first step and you are 50% there! You can also take this quite literally, step outside and take your ideas for a walk – movement and fresh air will make your brain come alive.

Who is the app for?

If you ever wanted to write a story but were struggling with the initial idea creation or got stuck along the way, this is for you! Well, even if you are a seasoned writer of fiction for the big screen, you might get a few good laughs and ideas out of this app.

Get inspired and generate thrilling, hilarious or magical story ideas for short stories, novels, TV series, the movies, screenplays, blogs or ‘just’ to up your game with your children’s bedtime stories. Have fun!

How does it work?

  1. Download the app.
  2. Tap the spinning wheel.
  3. Read your next big story idea.

About 3.
Don’t take every presented story idea literally. Fantastic or strange as they may sound. Their value lies in triggering your brain to create the context: our brains love to connect the dots (=words provided). Just spin, add, subtract, merge with your ideas and keep brainstorming.

Have fun with the Wheel of Fiction’s story idea inspiration and let me know what you think. Here once more the links to your free story idea creator:

Download the Wheel of Fiction Story Idea App for iOS and Android

Wheel of Fiction Story Idea Inspiration for Android users
Wheel of Fiction Story Idea Inspiration for iOS users

Wheel of Fiction | Story Idea Inspiration App

You will find more usage hints, general writing tips and book recommendations within the Wheel of Fiction app. There are also a few links to online resources and books to help you with your creative writing.

I hope you find some value in my story spinner app. Good luck and enjoy!


PS: If you are into quirky little stories and like cats, you might want to check out my kitty Felini ?

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