AI Animation Music Video

Oh wie gern – Music Video

My friend Michael aka Glocke/Glöcklich created this song called “Oh wie gern”. I helped with some AI generated elements – that Michael combined with footage of himself playing guitar & singing. Hope you like it!

GLÖCKLICH | Oh wie gern

Short Note On AI

I might actually write a post about AI someday – it’s a love/hate relationship: AI offers super awesome tools that make content creation so much faster, well in some cases even possible at all. On the other hand it just does not feel right that AI can create a super awesome paining in seconds, whereas a human has to train decades to accomplish anything alike…
Just hope that this progress makes the world a better place eventually (despite the shifts in job markets and the ever increasing convenience that usually makes us lazy and stupid). Maybe by AI taking over most of our work, we could spend our time with simple but meaningful and rewarding activities. Like taking the time to talk to a relative, friend or neighbour, do some gardening, go for a hike in nature or care for someone in need. A vision not unlike the one in above song 🙂

Glocke Gloecklich singing, playing guitar

Enjoy more of Glocke’s music at https://glö !

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