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Dragonhunters trailer and website

Check out the new Dragon Hunters trailer! Again, I was having a ball working on that feature in 2006/2007 – especially with Pixar-pro Kyle Balda as animation supervisor. I learned so much. And I do think it is (animationwise at least) the best full-cg-feature produced in Europe so far.
Take a look at my previous Dragonhunters post for more details.

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HI Tilmann,
You’re right, the animation looks really full and good, but I’m already guessing that the little guy is an obnoxious teenager who talks with a lot of wisecracks, right?
I wish they would stop doing films about characters like that.
The design of the little girl doesn’t allow her to scream–she can barely open her mouth.
Which characters did you animate, or did you do all of them in individual scenes?

Hi Tilmann, thanks for stopping by my blog. I think Dragonhunters looks beautiful, can’t wait to see it. I can see the Pixar influence for sure…

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